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About KKVI Radio


Welcome to KKVIDFW.COM, the official website for KKVI 98.3 FM! 

KKVI Radio was formed in 1998 as a Gospel Radio Station on 89.9 FM located in Greenville, TX serving the Greenville, Silver Springs and Commerce area.  KKVI then moved to Alpha Charter School in Garland, TX, in 2000 and now streams online and on-air on 98.3 FM from Sachse, TX, serving Garland, Wylie, Greenville, and more as the flagship station! 


KKVI Radio was formed and founded by Bill Wright, KKVI Radio President and General Manager.  Bill is a native Texan born in Greenville, TX.   Bill’s goal has always been to produce news, play good times oldies music, provide public affairs programming, and keep the community connected. 


Whether it’s a neighborhood block party, professional networking event, school fundraisers, sports, a cause-driven organization, or online support, KKVI is there to help. KKVI operates as a Non-Commercial Operation.  We provide underwriting, commercials, and marketing in the form of underwriting messages. 


KKVI’s underwriters are acknowledged on-air with brief announcements of a business’s financial support for the program for which it is underwritten. The underwriting announcements usually sound like “KKVI programming is supported by our members and by…” Underwriting is a unique way for businesses and organizations to publicly show their support for community radio while also increasing their media presence…” .


KKVI proudly plays classic old-school R&B, Top 40, and Gospel music online and on 98.3 around the clock!  Our mission at KVI Radio is not only to remind listeners about forgotten musical gems and to educate newer generations about the history of a genre that has been enjoyed around the world since its creation.